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About Us...Who are we?

We are simply the beings sent to change your life...

What if losing life taught you how to live? After watching my father take his last breath and suffering from an early stage miscarriage, I truly discovered life after death. I remember in one our last conversations my dad stated to me, “Honey…this has been an interesting life.” He went on to voice how so many things like, what people thought about him and how the world viewed him meant absolutely nothing in his last moments. He smiled through his pain and stated to me boldly, “Honey, you be yourself, speak your mind, live your life, be happy, and tell this world to KISS YOUR ASS.”

That conversation and many experiences following changed my life and now I want to be a part of the reason you change yours. I want to remind you that life can be snatched away in the blink of an eye without you ever even experiencing death. My purpose is to help others understand, “You do not have to suffer lose before you decide to start living.” Let me help you discover everything you can be and everything that you are…

An outdoor camping experience you'll never forget! 
Image by Shane Rounce

Our Approach

Through our 5R approach we help individuals begin their own personal healing process. Our goal is to ensure you walk away with the tools and support you need to continue your journey to healing.  Our purpose is simple: Helping you to discover the best version of yourself so that you can begin living the life you deserve. Through your upbringing you have learned to construct information based on your personal experiences. Our passion is to teach you how to deconstruct your preexisting foundation and construct a new one in which you can begin to live your best life and reach your highest potential.

Philosophy of Recovery

We believe individuals construct their own realities based upon their experiences. What if I told you it was possible to reconstruct the very foundation of your thoughts and experience a new you. Recovery is a process, and we are here to teach that process to you. We believe that becoming an active and willing participant ready to engage in the process of learning how to heal can ultimately change the very fiber of your being.

Stressed Woman

Commitment to Clients

Our commitment to you means ensuring you have the continued tools and support to help you on your journey. By joining our online community you will have access to inspirational messages, daily quotes, various meditation exercises, and a tribe of other individuals that will continue to motivate and inspire you from start to finish.

Join us for an exclusive weekend of rejuvenation and healing through an outdoor camping experience you will never forget. So, you’ve never been camping or want to do it with a group? No worries, we have got you covered! Communicate with your soul tribe and connect with nature as you heal your body, awaken your soul, and transform your life! Do not miss out on this unique and amazing opportunity to become all that we know you can be. Take the chance…

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