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Dancing Women

Imagine if you became everything that you really are?

Our Services & Programs

We want to see you grow! iHeal offers a number of services and programs to assist you on your healing journey. Take the leap, invest in yourself, and discover exactly who you are. Check back often as we are still in the process of building more services and programs to help get you where you desire to be!


Group Therapy

So you're ready to change your life? Great! We can help. Register today for one of our exclusive "Roughing It Retreats". You can thank me later!

Individual Therapy

Not into large groups? Talk to us about how we can connect you to the help you need based on your specific needs.

Art Therapy

Want to go at it on your own?

Order an exclusive iHeal Painting Bundle to help you start your journey.

Success Stories

We're Just Beginning! Check back soon!

I want to thank you! Every part of the retreat was an amazing experience. Even when you felt disappointed about something that just didn't go quite right, it still turned out wonderful. Through every person and every event, I learned life lessons that I never took time to think about. You presented us with enough knowledge and wisdom to be able to walk on in confidence with God and with ourselves to become whatever and whoever He has designed us to be. And I have already claimed my victory!!! 

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. You have a treasure chest full of gifts that you were able to share some of them with us on this adventure. But I do believe with my whole heart that there are many more gifts left for you to unlock. 

I love you and I pray for God to continue to lead you and guide you. And just as God had told Moses and Joshua, every place that they had tread the sole of their feet it would be theirs. I also pray the same prayer for you!

~T. Watkins

“Who would have known that I would discover life by suffering death. Don't be afraid of change! Take the've got this.”
~K. Smith

"I feel like a new person!"
~L. Wilkes

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